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Sending an SMS Message with a GSM Modem using PHP

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

PHP SMS via GSM modem class codeAdded an SMS via GSM modem PHP class to the resources page. Allows sending of an SMS message using PHP via a GSM modem plugged into the computers serial port. Code is Windows only, and has been tested on the EZ863 (Telit GE863) GSM modem.

Update: If this code does not work for you I would suggest looking into either Serproxy “a multi-threaded proxy program for redirecting network socket connections to/from serial links” or PHP serial extension “a loadable extension for PHP running on Windows implementing serial port handling and communications”.

Testing Out EveryTrail

Sunday, November 9th, 2008

Around Eltham and surrounding areas by Bike 1

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Around Eltham and surrounding areas by Bike 2

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Launched a new product: SMS Printer

Saturday, November 8th, 2008

Just launched a new product, SMS Printer is a small portable standalone device for receiving and printing text messages. Already have one custom who has ordered 10 and is planning on using it to dispatch food orders to restaurants. It is also suitable for any other situation where the ability to receive a text message in a simple and easy way is required.

Quick Tip: Try using a Mac to recover files from an otherwise inaccessible drive

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

IDE to USB adapter plugged into MacBook ProJust had a Windows XP PC that is a few years old fail to boot up reporting a corrupt hal.dll file. I followed the instructions on for restoring the hal.dll file from the Windows XP CD however got a permissions error.

Suspecting that there was something more wrong than just a corrupt file I took out the hard drive and plugged it into another Windows XP based system via a USB to IDE adapter in an attempt to copy off the data. The hard drive came up however attempting to open it locked up Windows Explorer. I therefore tried plugging the USB to IDE adapter into a MacBook Pro and after spending some time thinking about it the drive came up, and I was able to copy off all but one file from the “My Documents” folder (accessing this one particular file or other specific system files caused finder to momentarily lock up and the drive to make some odd noises).