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Hidden features on the Panasonic DMR-ES20D DVD Recorder

Monday, December 15th, 2008

Panasonic DVD RecorderI purchased a Panasonic DMR-ES20D DVD recorder more than a year ago to replace an old video recorder that I was using. After purchasing it there were 3 main features that I would have liked it to have, and it turned out they were there all along just poorly documented.

  1. Recording analogue TV (as well as Freeview channels).
  2. Ability to watch recorded shows straight on the PC without having to finalise the disk (which previously meant possibly wasting upto 3hrs of unused space).
  3. Ability to effectively pause live TV (i.e. record and playback the same show).

I only discovered recording analogue TV was possible after it auto-tuned some in some analogue channels after popping up an onscreen message saying that there were new channels available.

Regarding watching shows without finalising the disk, and pausing live TV, I was using it with standard DVD+R write once disks, meaning these features just did no show up (you need to use special DVD-RAM disks).