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Apache Log Search Term Finder PHP Script

Monday, June 8th, 2009

PHP Extract Search Term Script ScreenshotWhen running an AdWords campaign part of the process for improving ROI often involves adding in a number of broad match keywords, then setting up Google Analytics and using the Override Bid Term Filter to find out the exact keywords that triggered a broad match. The end goal being to remove the broad match keywords and add in exact/phrase match keywords in their place which are usually both more effective (they are more targeted) and therefore more cost effective.

With a new campaign using Google Analytics is the simple solution however I recently took on the job of assisting a client who had already been running a campaign, but did not have the “Override Bid Term Filter” installed. They did however have Apache log files, therefore I wrote a PHP script to extract the search terms from the referrer reducing the cost of running a further broad match campaign in order to determine exact/phrase match keywords to bid on.