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Doorbell Control (Home Automation) Notification Hardware Unit

Notifier Unit OpenIn an addition to my original Doorbell Control project, along with software based notification of events I put together a portable, battery operated unit as well.

The unit operates from two AA batteries and features:

  • 1 Red LED
  • 2 Green LEDs
  • 1 Buzzer
  • 2 Push switches
  • 2 Toggle switches

Apart from the toggle power switch all LEDs/switches are software controllable via GPIO pins.

Notifier Unit PartsIf the doorbell is rung, the bell sends a multicast RPC call which is picked up by the unit. One of the green LEDs is then turned on. Depending on the status of the (non power) toggle switch the buzzer is then turned on as well (the non power toggle switch is used to enable/disable the buzzer). One push button is used to reset the unit (turn back off the LED/buzzer). The red LED is used to indicate the power on/off status. The remaining extra push switch/LED are currently not used but built in for possible future functionality.

Parts List

x2 Green LED UK49D
x1 Red LED CK48
x2 Push Switch NK91Y
x2 Toggle Switch FH00A
x1 ABS Box MB1 LH20W
x3 LED Holder N89AX
x1 PP3 Battery Clip HF28F
x1 2AA Battery Box YR60Q
x1 Buzzer CR34M
x1 Synapse RF Engine RF100

Note: The DC plug/socket shown in one of the photos was later removed due to lack of space inside the box.

Download: Python Software

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