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SMS to Email Forwarder (via Bluetooth/Serial)

Saturday, November 19th, 2011

SMS Forwarder Screenshot (Small)I currently have two mobile phones – one mainly for business, and the other personal calls. I do not however really want to carry two phones all the time and therefore started looking for solutions. In terms of calls it is possible to just call forward after a set number of rings (i.e. if I have the phone I can answer it and not pay the forwarding charge, otherwise I can still get the call although I will be paying the forwarding charge). The complication however comes with text messages, there does not really seem to be any straight forward / standard way to forward them.

I looked into various options such as services from AAISP who can deliver text messages to email, or a web form, which initially seemed perfect (they also have some good options for voice calls as well such as supporting multiple numbers on a single SIM both inbound and outbound, and VoIP termination) however then discovered that it is not possible to port a number to their service. I also found another similar company AQL who do support porting, but not for mobile numbers.

The option I came up with in the end to handle forwarding text messages was to write a C# application that can run on the PC desktop (in the task tray), connect to the phone over Bluetooth serial link (should also work with a regular serial / USB serial cable), poll it for unread text messages every few seconds, forward any found to a specified email address (which I can receive on my other phone), and delete them from the phone. Bluetooth is an ideal solution since it means the forwarding just works automatically whenever the phone is left at home by the computer.

Download: Source Code | Application


  • I was initially planning on using a Sony Ericsson DCU-11 sync cable however discovered it does not have any Windows 7 drivers available, and does not support charging.
  • I found that Windows 7 by default did not seem to support connecting to my Sony Ericsson T610 over Bluetooth, therefore download the BlueSoleil Bluetooth stack which did.
  • Application uses Stefan Mayr’s GSM library.