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Failed attempts to get the Sony Ericsson DCU-11 USB cable working with Windows 7

Sunday, January 1st, 2012

Sony DCU 11 CableI have started to get some reliability issues lately with BlueSoleil (used with my SMS to Email Forwarder application), therefore I decided to take another look at using a cabled solution. Was initially planning on using a cable rather than Bluetooth however the cable does not support charging, and does not have Windows 7 drivers available.

After opening up the cable I noticed it used a “PL-2303HX” USB to serial chip. Searching Google appears it is made by Prolific. Unfortunately however the standard Prolific drivers do not work because the cable has a custom USB PID “1234” instead of the standard Prolific PID of “2303”. Prolific VID / PIDTwo possible solutions came to mind, either changing the chip back to the default PID such that Windows would recognise it as a standard Prolific serial adapter, or modifying the Windows driver to recognise the non standard Prolific PID.

I first tried reprogramming the chip. Appears it has been successful for someone using a T230 cable (EEPROM Writer link on that post is nolonger working however there is a copy at Megaupload via Jonathan Thomson’s Web Journal). I was however unable to get it to recognise the cable and looking on EDA Board appears a special “EEPROM programming cable” may be required.

Prolific - Unable to startI next tried modifying the Prolific driver, and was then able to install it however started getting a Windows error “This device cannot start” (and after rebooting I was unable to login – unplugging the USB adapter and rebooting again fixed the issue).

Next option I may try is either rewiring the adapter with another USB to serial chip that does have Windows 7 drivers or putting the SIM in a GSM modem / another phone that can be easily connected to a PC.