Nicholas Skinner

Freelance website and web application developer FTTC Review LogoI have been on a standard ADSL service for a number of years which started out as Bulldog, then automatically moved to “Pipex” / “Pipex Home Telecom” the result of Bulldog exiting the home broadband market. I stuck to the service primarily because it was fairly reliable, cost effective, and just about fast enough for my needs.

Recently however I decided it was finally time to upgrade. I looked into a number of providers, including, AAISP, and Virgin Media. As a company AAISP seem to be very technically proficient offering IPv6, IP blocks, reverse DNS etc and (as far as I can see) good support however price wise they are not particularly competitive.

I very nearly went with Virgin Media however the upload speed somewhat put me off (part of the reason for upgrading is faster FTP upload of clients websites, and use of VoIP), I was also put off a little by it being a cable broadband service provided by a mainly TV company, especially not having used one before (rather than a regular phone line based broadband service provided by a dedicated ISP).

In the end I decided on – a reasonably usage allowance, download (~50MB), and upload (~20MB) speed with options such as fixed IPs available.

Using it for just less than a month so far, overall I have been happy with the service, there are however several areas that could be improved:

  • I placed an order on the 10th November and it took nearly 2 months to install the service on the 9th January (due to BT engineer delays).
  • Supplied TG582N Router is not particularly easy / intuitive to use (for advanced options such as port forwarding, changing IP, setting DHCP ranges), and repeatedly kept logging me out on the initial setup.
  • call centre seem to take their time to answer the phone ~15 minutes+ on the two occasions I called.
  • Line was not activated when the BT engineer arrived meaning we had to call and ask them to turn on the service which I gather should have already happened prior to his arrival.
  • Received a previously used telephone number (opted for the phone + broadband package) which has resulted in a number of automated marketing calls intended for someone else.

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