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iPhone App - Skate Routes

Skate Routes (App Store), is my first iPhone application coded in January 2012. It is designed for inline skaters in London to view the status (Pending/Go/Rained Off), and route maps for Friday/Sunday marshalled street skates organised by the LFNS (London Friday Night Skate), it also supports GPS/Compass based navigation.


  • View skate status - Pending/Go/Rained Off
  • View map of the route - blue line upto half time, red line after half time
  • View start/halftime location, and skate meta data.
  • GPS / Compass support for route navigation (as with standard iPhone maps application)

Route Navigation

  • Clicking the "Triangle Icon" (bottom left corner of the map) will cause the map to show a small blue dot (current location) and recenter the map on that location so you can see where you are on the map/route. The map will stay orientated with North facing up on the display. Every few seconds the GPS will be checked again, and the map recenter (as with the standard maps application).
  • Clicking the "Triangle Icon" again (as you can do in the standard maps application on newer iPhone's with compass support) will activate the compass and cause the map to rotate depending on the direction you are currently facing allowing you to see where you are and which way you need to go relative to the map/route.
  • Clicking it a 3rd time will turn off location support and allow you to manually zoom/pan the map.


Please contact me with any issues / bugs, however be aware that as with marshals organising the skates themselves, this is an application created and supported in my spare time.

Current Status:

Unavailable for new projects due to existing commitments.


Customer Testimonial:

"We have used Nicholas on multiple occasions and will continue to. He is fast, efficient and very knowledgeable. Our ideas are understood and transformed into requirements with no issues. We highly recommend Nicholas to anyone looking for a professional developer that thinks outside the box."

Customer Testimonial:

"Nicholas has implemented the first live version of our online lead management system for both our core and secondary property businesses. We are very excited about the increased productivity that will result from the better service level being offered to our clients. Great job and will definitely be back in touch as and when required!"

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