Nicholas Skinner

Freelance website and web application developer


A collection of small scripts / applications which I have written over the years, and now provide free in the hopes they may be useful to others.


  • lib.php - A collection of various generally useful PHP functions put together in a single class such so that they can be called statically. Functions include: HTML safe / formatted version of array print_r, array supporting version of htmlentities(), array to dropdown options list converter, array to radio buttons converter, random string generator, PHP array to JavaScript array converter, email address validity checker, directory listing to array converter.
  • dbpdo.php - A class library containing functions simplifying many common operations such as selecting/inserting/updating data in tables. Makes use of the PHP PDO database interface.
  • PHPRSSReader - A object orientated multi format capable RSS Reader class for PHP5 (RSS/Atom/RDF). It is flexible such that new XML formats can be read simply by changing the array based configuration options.
  • FileZilla / EditPlus Sync - A small PHP script that can be used to copy a specific folder in FileZilla's sites list (sitemanager.xml) to a new sitemanager.xml file, and also copy EditPlus FTP accounts (ftp2.ini), which have a specific description prefix to a new file. Suitable for use when e.g. moving a development (set of FTP sites) to a new computer / laptop.
  • SMS via GSM Modem - A PHP class to send SMS messages via a GSM modem attached to the computers serial port (Windows only).
  • Apache Log Search Term Finder - A simple and fast PHP script that will read through an Apache log file and extract the search terms / keywords from the referrer string (i.e. the phrase that the user typed into Google to reach your website). Uses a regular expression based on Google Analytics Experts Override Bid Term filter.

Current Status:

Unavailable for new projects due to existing commitments.


Customer Testimonial:

"We have used Nicholas on multiple occasions and will continue to. He is fast, efficient and very knowledgeable. Our ideas are understood and transformed into requirements with no issues. We highly recommend Nicholas to anyone looking for a professional developer that thinks outside the box."

Customer Testimonial:

"Nicholas has implemented the first live version of our online lead management system for both our core and secondary property businesses. We are very excited about the increased productivity that will result from the better service level being offered to our clients. Great job and will definitely be back in touch as and when required!"

London based Investment Company