Nicholas Skinner

Freelance website and web application developer


Some of the website and application developments I have been involved in along with a description of the part I played in the project.

ALM Curtains Website ScreenshotWorking with a local business I recreated the existing HTML based site artwork in Photoshop in order to make the requested changes, and improve the maintainability of the site. I then used the recreated artwork to code a W3C XHTML / CSS valid site encompassing samples / quote / order functionality in PHP.

Other techniques used include mod_rewrite for more search engine friendly URLs, and JavaScript for the main navigation menu.

First Class Recruitment Website ScreenshotWorking with a design company I transformed a number of concept PDF files into a W3C XHTML / CSS valid website. In addition where the original artwork was not available in a suitable format I recreated it in Photoshop.

PHP was used to implement the register form, including file upload support, and provide a more maintainable site. A CSS print media template was used to enable core information to be printed in a readable way, and navigation items not relevant in print.


Round Britain Tracker Website ScreenshotIn a joint project with CYM Consulting I designed, and coded a vehicle / boat tracking website including blog functionality. I also build the electronics tracking hardware placed in the vehicle itself.

Hardware was built with parts sourced from SparkFun Electronics in the USA and Maplin in the UK. The site accepts position data from the tracking hardware and displays it using the Google Maps API.

Sell House Fast Website ScreenshotAfter being provided with the new design I hand coded the main site template conforming to W3C XHTML standards.

I also migrated over existing ColdFusion based content into a custom PHP template system to handle easy modification and maintenance of navigation items and provide contact form functionality. I wrote a custom data conversion script to speed up the process.

CYMSIS Website ScreenshotIn my role as lead coder on this project I wrote the core application functionality in PHP. Features include: Invoice / credit note generation, invoice scheduling, statement generation, payment tracking, customer management, PDF output, emailing of invoices to customers, and Sage integration.

The application also makes use of JavaScript in a number of places to improve the user interface particularly with customer FAO / address management. AJAX is used to populate and filter product lists on the fly.


FilingOnTheWeb Website ScreenshotIn my role as lead coder on this project I wrote the core application functionality in PHP.

The application provides a basic Windows Explorer type interface in the web browser, including file searching, and user / customer management.

GOTCH Associates Limited

GOTCH Associates Website ScreenshotIn this PSD slicing project I hand coded the main template from a Photoshop PSD provided. The site conforms to W3C XHTML Strict 1.0 standards.

Warden Wines

Warden Wines Website ScreenshotIn this PSD slicing project I hand coded the main template from a Photoshop PSD provided. The site conforms to W3C XHTML Strict 1.0 standards.

Property Solvers Investor Hub ScreenshotFor this project I developed a custom PHP application to allow password protected access to a number of downloadable resources, and embedded videos relating to property investment.

Primary functionality implemented includes the ability for users to signup, login, and reset their password. Additionally a key requirement was a search engine optimised site, and to this aim I used Apache mod_rewrite along with PHP to organise the resources into a 3 "folder" structure. I also made the resources spiderable by Google, and implemented all functionality without the use of any unfriendly question mark based / dynamic URLs. Google Analytics was setup for conversion tracking of new user signups.

Personal Projects Portfolio

Along with developing websites for clients I also have a number of my own projects.

Parallel Track Website ScreenshotParallel Track provides a complete vehicle tracking solution from the vehicle hardware itself to the web interface used to display live or historical vehicle position data. The hardware is also flexible enough to be used by those looking to implement their front end or integrate location tracking into existing business systems.

Features include GPRS / SMS position reporting, geo-fence support, simple to use Windows GUI based configuration, HTTP POST based position reporting, PDA support. A number of different technologies were used in this project including C# .net, Python, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, and the Google Maps API.

SMS Printer Website ScreenshotThe SMS Printer is a standalong product suitable for restaurants to receive orders either directly from the customer or from a dispatcher, taxis/cab firms/delivery drivers to receive instructions on new pickups/deliveries, or any other situation where messages need to be conveyed to a remote party.

Python, and C# were primerily used to implement this project allong with some basic electronics knowledge.

Parallel Track Website ScreenshotInitially used to test out a newly available telephony API Talk59 developed into a fully featured web application enabling international fixed cost calls of up to 59 minutes. Calls are initiated via entering both the calling party's number and the number to be called in the web interface, both parties are then called back and connected. Additionally calls can be made on the move when an Internet connection is not available by SMS messaging the number to be called to Talk59.

PHP was primarily used to implement this project, which also involved compiling of various Linux tools to support use of the API on CentOS 4.

TModSoft Website ScreenshotTModSoft provides a range of Python software suitable for the Telit embedded hardware modules that takes advantage of the in built Python interpreter negating the need and extra integration cost of an additional micro controller. It offers a place to purchase various pieces of software I have been working on for the last 2 years.

Software available: Vehicle Tracking, SMS Printing, RS232 Serial to GPRS Gateway, GPIO SMS Remote Control and Monitoring, Cell ID Collection.

Python, and C# were primerily used on this software.

Takeaways Direct

Takeaways Direct Website Screenshot Takeaways Direct is a reference site for a fully featured restaurant / takeaway ordering system by the same name. Coded in PHP it allows users to find restaurants near them based on postcode, view restaurant menus, login, and place orders. On the backend side there is a full administration interface allowing management of restaurants, menus and orders. Support is provided for sending orders through to restaurants automatically via either SMS Printers or telephone (using CDYNE Phone Notify).

In terms of SEO support includes the use of sensible title / meta description tags, slash based URLs, semantic markup, and Google Analytics ecommerce tracking.

The site it is fully themeable, and supports customisations via extending or overwriting base PHP classes where "hooks" have not been provided.

This application is available for purchase.

Active RFID People / Asset Tracking

Tracking System Map Screenshot This project involved writing a web application for viewing the physical locations of "tag" hardware on a map. The backend is written in PHP with a MySQL database, and the front end in JavaScript, and SVG (using the jQuery SVG plugin). AJAX is used to poll the server for tags that have moved and JavaScript / SVG is used to dynamically animate them to their new positions on screen.

In addition to the website, prototype hardware for the "tag", "reader nodes", and "PC Reader" was also built. All hardware made use of the Synapse RF Engine modules (programmed in Python). Additionally a C# application was coded to handle reading in of tag data from the serial port and sending it to the web application.

Further details on this Active RFID People / Asset Tracking project are available in a blog post.

Current Status:

Unavailable for new projects due to existing commitments.


Customer Testimonial:

"We have used Nicholas on multiple occasions and will continue to. He is fast, efficient and very knowledgeable. Our ideas are understood and transformed into requirements with no issues. We highly recommend Nicholas to anyone looking for a professional developer that thinks outside the box."

Customer Testimonial:

"Nicholas has implemented the first live version of our online lead management system for both our core and secondary property businesses. We are very excited about the increased productivity that will result from the better service level being offered to our clients. Great job and will definitely be back in touch as and when required!"

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